About Us
First Aid HPL Med

We are a Canadian organization that seeks to provide First Aid training to Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents in the Greater Vancouver Area. Our team of highly trained professionals utilizes the latest programs in collaboration with Life Saving Society Canada and WorkSafeBC to conduct classes suitable for all ages.

We currently focus our efforts on the promotion of First Aid as a common household skill that can be both fun during the learning process and a serious asset in real life situations. With a high rate of pool ownership in the Lower Mainland and along the BC coastline, we want parents as well as teenagers to be prepared for all sorts of possibly hazardous scenarios. Also, for professionals and young adults in the workplace, we aim to create an employee-to-employee safety net system that takes the issue of health and wellness beyond the confines of designated First Responder teams in companies.

We at First Aid HPL Med believe that First Aid is the assurance to better quality of life, as well as the dedication to the wellbeing of the ones we care for.